Siddharth Aredath

I am a recent graduate of Communication Design from IDC School of Design.

Through much of my masters' degree in design I have been trying to work on questions of environmental conservation. My projects have pushed me to work on this question in different contexts. I have explored the nature of consumption in the city where I live, and the relationship of consumption to economical and environmental justice.

I am an avid traveler and have undertaken many short and long tips across India. My last project which has been my most extensive yet, I travelled along the river Bharthapuzha that runs through the length of Kerala, documenting the environmental condition of the river, and the lives and occupations of people who live by it. 

I am also a graduate (2012) of Apparel Design from NIFT New Delhi. I founded and operated an apparel start up which catered to the men's RTW market between 2014 and 2017.  I have taught in NIFT Kangra and NIFT New Delhi as a guest faculty.